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So as we all know this coronavirus is here for the foreseeable which means for us
that we're likely to be left in a position where we'll end up scrapping our summer collection to focus on autumn and winter.
Anyway, all this free time has allowed me to polish up all our design admin -  design templates, mock-ups, tech-packs, manufacture spec sheets etc...

The purpose of this page is to help you understand the design process and provide you with the basic resources
required for you to get a clothing product made from initial design to the final factory piece.
(This won't be a tutorial on graphic design, just our design process for clothing manufacture.)

This content will probably be most useful for students, those looking to start creating their own garments and start-up brands.

This page isn't public; although all the content on this page is free to use and edit please try to keep it on the low low..


Tee, Hoodie and Jogger design sheet mock-up: download